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Things that suck right now:

-water tank is broken, pouring water all over my basement…and landlord is closed til Monday so I won’t get anyone out to fix it til Monday. Water is shut off altogether til then. 

-Little Kitty used my red futon in my office as her litter box while I was gone last week. She tends to do this when I leave her for any length of time (she still had the roomie here, but when I leave she gets livid….or scared, either or) so now I’m trying to save the futon from smelling like cat piss. 

-Cell phone is cut off, and apparently hydro is getting cut off tomorrow too. Fucking bills, fucking not hitting goals, fucking life I guess. Haven’t gotten my paycheck yet to take care of either of those things because of Easter weekend keeping the banks closed, so again, won’t get paid/bills taken care of til Monday at the earliest too. 

-My pug is sitting next to me and farted something brutal. Not really that life altering, but since I’m writing out a list of things that suck right now, I figured I’d toss it in the pile. 

I need good, happy, Easter vibes! C’mon Easter Bunny, bring me a new water tank, my paycheck and something to take care of the futon smell! #wishfulthinking