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So I’m assuming many of you saw the drama that went down on twitter this evening, and may have been in my chatroom when the discussion between me and “kevin” was going on. Firstly, I want to apologize for the last two weeks worth of troll feeding. I know my twitter has been blown up with negativity and I apologize for you all having to read it. Most of the time I can deal with the drama and the hate, but this week it seemed to all pile up until it was too much to take. Tonite was the last straw…For the record, I do NOT hate America, Americans or anyone for that matter, as Kevin @boycottspex was claiming. He apologized in our conversation on skype, and later tweeted me to say that he is cool, so I’m hoping his apology was sincere and I won’t have any more issues. As for the other trolls, I’m hoping they stop with the hatorade too, but even if they don’t I’m going to do my best to ignore, and continue to report them to Twitter for harassment. If you see a negative tweet concerning me, please take the time to report them for spam. 

I also want to take the time to thank those who have been supporting me both online and behind the scenes, with your kind words and encouragement and friendship. Sometimes this job gets hard to handle, and its the friendships I’ve made that keep my head on straight and keep my chin held high. Without my #teamspexy, the haters would have won and I would be crying into my Haagen Daaz lol. You all know what I stand for, and know the truths about me, so thank you for being so fantastic. 

Now with that being said, I’m off to bed. Tonite was bizarre, and overwhelming. This sums up how I feel- goodnite!